DA BANG DA BANG blends post punk with a garagey attitude and electronic sounds. Clean riffs and keyboard harmonies combine with singer Pupi’s raspy, emotional singing, thus capturing a beauty and pain coming from within. Through the years, DA BANG’s music has become more sophisticated, as they experimented with their sound to include new elements, all the way keeping up with their very special type of punky attitude.

With Chinese and English lyrics, Da Bang embodies the spirit of a very specific generation of young Chinese, their powerful live sets evoking feelings of freedom, tragic beauty, anger and the passing of time. DA BANG jumped to fame in 2008 with their debut EP “The Bigger Bang”, an explosive entrĂ©e into the Chinese independent music scene, the style of which has been described as “uptown rock” and “funkadelic”, reminiscent of the 5678s.

After signing to Modern Sky, the band released the studio album “Shao Nian Xie” in 2011, the sound showing more references to independent rock and outlining DA BANG’s role as a forerunner.

In 2012 DA BANG released the EP “Celebrate”, packed with beautiful melodies and lyrics, capturing the post-teenage, hair raising angst of being in your early twenties in rapidly changing China.

DA BANG has toured China extensively but also Europe, playing at BAM and MMVV festivals in Spain as well as shows in France, Germany and Netherlands. After a lineup change, 2017 has seen the publication of their full length album “Concept”. This album includes the single “Nobody will live your life for you except yourself” and will be presented live in China and abroad during 2018.